Industry-leading technical expert team

It took 2 years to build
Hard disk extensible IPFS mining machine, support hot plug and Raid, prevent hard disk failure caused by data loss. The machine adopts large stamping die to form once, with perfect stability, to ensure the life of hard disk. Hot plug and unplug hard disk, using tool-free design, the installation and replacement of hard disk can be completed without tools

Hard Disk Bits:

12/24Hard disk hot-swappable (Seagate enterprise class)

Accelerated hardware:

Star Pool Acceleration Module

Acceleration software:

Star Pool acceleration algorithm


64Bit Linux custom system


Customized dedicated storage mining motherboard


Large capacity, high reading and writing speed, reliable and durable


High-performance AMD processor


High performance data sealed processor (2080Ti)



Ironminer:he leader of a new generation of Filecoin mining products


12 8T Seagate enterprise hard drives ¥112000


24 8T Seagate enterprise hard drives ¥210000

Escrow process

Mining machine order
sign a contract
Equipment production
Distribution room
Equipment deployment
System Optimization
Start mining
Compared with the official client, it is safer, more stable, and more efficient, and achieves a better solution than raid and lvm. Through the data monitoring system, issue anticipation issues earlier. Professional operation and maintenance personnel provide real-time security guarantee.

Hosting advantages

Multi-cluster architecture

Taking into account flexibility, robustness and scalability Computing cluster + storage cluster + acceleration cluster

Customized personalized service

Independent research and development + software and hardware customization + high performance + high concurrency + high expansion + high reliability + high security

Real-time view

The income is stable and transparent, and the supporting APP can be easily viewed anytime, anywhere

Professional operation and maintenance team service

Automated deployment + comprehensive monitoring + alarm convergence + fault self-healing + log analysis platform + network security alarm platform